Ken Jones & Stephanie Kim in The Future Is Worn - A story by Devon Stern
A woman with hair extensions in a hilly environment looks into the camera.A woman with hair extensions and a leather jacket is depicted behind a cameraman in this behind the scenes photoA woman in black approaches another woman in a light colored dress - neither face the cameraA woman in red helps a woman in black put on a leather jacket in this behind the scenes photoA woman in a flowing light colored dress obscures her face with the sheer portion of her outfit.A camera crew films two women in a bone dry environment in this behind the scenes photo
The Future Is Worn is a short music-driven fable that follows a voyager named Sol who has isolated herself in a strange land. As Sol tries to ignore her suffering, she is haunted by the benevolent phantom Spectra who lures her out of her shell...
This film is currently unavailable for online viewing during the festival season. Follow the film on instagram for updates on screenings or contact us for a private viewing.
A Havelock Studios Production
Directed by Adrian ROjas Elliot
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